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Why You Need Hurricane Garage Doors in West Palm Beach, FL

Garage doors made for hurricanes are reinforced to resist the high winds and flying debris. These sturdy doors have been tested to resist winds of up to 150 miles per hour, and their construction materials and design reflect that. The door can’t be torn from its hinges thanks to the strengthened rails and rollers.


The best hurricane-rated garage doors for West Palm Beach, Florida, are ones that have been approved to withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour. The tracks and rollers on these doors are strengthened, and the materials used are quite substantial, so the door won’t be pulled from its hinges if someone tries to force it. To keep your home cool in the summer, pick a garage door with a high R-Value of thermal insulation.

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Impact Garage Doors

Impact garage doors are essential for the safety of your home and belongings in West Palm Beach, Florida. These hurricane-proof doors will keep your family and belongings safe and sound through the worst of storms. 

Heavy-duty materials are used in their construction so that your home is protected from flying objects and violent winds.

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Wind Rated Garage Doors

West Palm Beach, Florida homes need hurricane- and tropical storm-resistant wind-rated garage doors. These doors are rated to resist 130-180 mph winds. Heavy-duty rails and rollers protect the door from being pulled from its hinges. 

Wind-rated garage doors also include weather stripping to limit wind and water intrusion during storms. These wind-rated garage doors are ideal for homeowners who want to make sure their garage door can withstand the worst weather.

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What You Need To Know About West Palm Beach

South Florida’s West Palm Beach is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to the Sunshine State’s famed beaches, exciting nightlife, and verdant tropical nature. Due to the city’s proximity to the equator, it is in high danger of being hit by hurricanes and tropical storms, making it crucial for residents to take precautions to save their homes and property. 

Bad weather, including hurricane-force winds and deluging downpours, is common in this region and has the potential to inflict extensive destruction of buildings and other structures. Because of the risk posed by hurricanes and tropical storms, many West Palm Beach residents are looking into storm preparation. 

The communal spirit and perseverance of West Palm Beach residents in the face of natural calamities is another significant facet of life there. During these trying times, many locals get together to aid those in need. 

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