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garage door roller replacement

Replace your broken garage door rollers with the experts at DoorFlex Garage Door Repair. Rollers wear down over time, leaving your garage door vulnerable to coming off the tracks. DoorFlex Garage Door Repair offers high-quality garage door rollers at a reasonable price, so you can rely on us to get the work done quickly and safely. We have a wide range of rollers available to fit any garage door, so you may count on us to finish this task promptly and successfully.

Garage door rollers assist in the movement of the entire garage door. Without them, it would not be possible to raise and lower the device. The rollers are on both sides of the garage door. A wheel and a metal pole connect to the door frame that they slide up and down on.

The garage door rollers are one of the most important components in your garage door, therefore they must work properly for the entire door. They aid in raising and lowering the door without putting too much strain on your body by allowing lifting and lowering. When rollers squeak, become jammed, or get off the tracks, simply give us a call for a clean and successful garage door roller repair. Call our business any day of the week to schedule an appointment with an expert if you live in Florida and the neighboring areas.

Types of Garage Door Rollers

There are three types of garage door rollers available, which differ in the material used and quality.

plastic garage door rollers

• Garage Door Plastic Rollers

Plastic garage door rollers are the most affordable choice. As a result, they do not last as long and can only support a specific amount of weight. Because these typically weigh less, residential garages are ideal for them.

steel garage door rollers

• Garage Door Steel Rollers

Steel garage door rollers are a step up from plastic because they're more reliable and durable. They can take more pressure, but they also make noise.

nylon garage door rollers

• Garage Door Nylon Rollers

Nylon garage door rollers have the benefits of steel and plastic rollers, with the added bonus of being lightweight and quieter. Nylon rollers reduce garage door noise by at least 75% compared to steel rollers.

garage door roller issues

Maintaining your garage doors should be a priority, and this includes checking the garage door cables, garage door springs, garage door panels, and rollers. Track lubrication and alignment are vital to avoid issues. Tracks that come off the wall and rollers are a more serious problem. This is generally due to loose or dented tracks. There are several potential problems when it comes to your garage door rollers. If you detect any of the following concerns, you should contact us right away to have them fixed as soon as possible.

Worn-out rollers can cause issues with the whole system. It needs an ample amount of force in order to move. Replace these kinds of rollers as soon as possible.

Bends on the garage door rollers might cause function issues when left unattended. Too many vents and other visual damage can change how your roller works. Replace those rollers with an excessive amount of bends to avoid accidents.

Rollers rarely fail and cause delays. When it does, it can be very stressful and handy. Moreover, rollers who fail to spin freely on the shaft can be very dangerous. It is ideal to call professional help whenever this happens.

Vibrations and loud noises are the results of a broken garage door roller. Replace those broken rollers immediately. Delaying this can bring more trouble to the whole garage door system.

common questions people ask about rollers

If you want to repair your garage door rollers, you may consider attempting it yourself. Garage door rollers that aren’t installed correctly can lead to a slew of problems in the future. Two issues associated with incorrect garage door roller installation are loud noises and sliding garage door rollers. Calling a professional for replacing rollers might prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. In the long run, this saves you money while also providing you peace of mind. At DoorFlex Garage Door Repair, replacing rollers safely is our specialty.

Usually, the rollers are installed in pairs. So if one roller is damaged, it’s likely that the other isn’t too far behind. We would recommend replacing all of them at once.

The lifespan of your rollers largely depend on the materials used. The higher the quality of the material, the longer it will last before needing replacing. For example, plastic rollers only last one or two years whereas steel rollers are more durable and can often be rated for 10,000-12,000 cycles – that’s about eight years if you open and close your garage door four times daily.

The best way to measure the width of your rollers is by taking one out and measuring it. If you cannot remove the roller, another option would be to open the door halfway so they are at eye level to make it easier for measurement. You will need a ruler or tape measure to get an accurate reading on what size replacement rollers you’ll need to buy.

The average roller size is one inch, two inches, or three inches; however, they normally come ¼” shorter: ¾”, 1 ¾”, and 2 ¾”. The stem’s typical length can be measured by comparing it to the new stem. If they don’t correspond, older doors may necessitate custom-sized rollers. In this event please reach out to DoorFlex Garage Door Repair.

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