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Boynton Beach homeowners know that weather may damage garage doors and high winds and storms might break your garage door’s cables creating inconvenience and even a dangerous environment. 

Wear and tear may also create a need for garage door cable repair in Boynton Beach. Garage door cables wear down over time, weakening the framework. This might misalign your garage door, making it hard to open and close.

DoorFlex understands the necessity of garage door maintenance. We replace garage door cables quickly and effectively. Our skilled experts will inspect and repair your wires to keep your garage door safe.

Garage Door Cables Boynton Beach. Call DoorFlex for cable repairs and replacements. 

Repairing Garage Door Cables

When the wires on your garage door get worn or broken, you should repair them as soon as possible. A malfunctioning garage door due to frayed or broken cables is an inconvenience at best. They can cause harm if they break and splinter into sharp edges.

DoorFlex can repair your garage door’s cables quickly and affordably, assuring the door’s safety and security.


The Garage Door Cable Broke

Not sure what to do when your garage door cable breaks? A damaged cable on a garage door may be a major hassle and perhaps a safety risk. Garage door cables that have snapped or become frayed should be fixed or replaced without delay. Here at DoorFlex, we have the resources to fix or replace your garage door cable without wasting any time. 

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Garage Door Cable Repair Cost

Repairing a garage door’s cables can be expensive, depending on the severity of the damage and the type of cable that must be used. We will present you with a comprehensive estimate before beginning any work.  We know that garage door repair costs can be daunting, so we work hard to keep our rates low and honest.

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What To Know About Boynton Beach

DoorFlex Garage Door Repair is a family-owned and managed company that has been providing services to Boynton Beach, FL residents for over 15 years. Located in Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach is a city in Florida. The area is famous for its stunning scenery and plenty of parks and leisure opportunities. Tourists and locals alike enjoy exploring the city for its many dining and shopping options.

It is also the site of the Boynton Beach Mall and the Boynton Beach Inlet Park, a recreational area with fishing, boating, and picnicking facilities. There is also an early 20th-century architectural style showcase in the city’s historic center. The Wakodahatchee Wetlands and the Green Cay Environmental Center are just two of the many nature preserves that make Boynton Beach an attractive destination for eco-tourists.

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