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garage door cable repair

At DoorFlex Garage Door Repair, our technicians carry all sizes and diameters of garage door cables so we can replace them the same day and save you time. Our expert technicians have a wide range of high-quality garage door cables and can complete the job in a prompt and effective manner. In addition to garage door cables, we provide a comprehensive range of garage door parts for any additional components that may be required for the repair. We also provide warranties on both labor and materials to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services.

Cables are an essential part of garage doors as they help to open and close them smoothly. The mechanism that they create allows for the safety and comfort of automatic garage doors. If your garage door is getting stuck, squeaking, or making strange noises, it might be time to replace the garage door cables. Garage door cable replacements can help prevent garage doors from binding or jamming. If you notice that your garage door is shaking or making unusual noises, this may be a sign that the cables have snapped and need to be replaced. Our team of experts can take care of all your needs when it comes to replacing garage door cables!

Signs that you need to replace
your Garage Door Cables

Although garage door cables are built to last, there are a few reasons why they might stop working as intended. Cables can break due to age, wear and tear, or improper maintenance. A garage door cable is made from a variety of materials with different levels of durability. They generally last between a few months and two years, depending on their resistance. Lubricating your wires can extend their lifespan, but you must eventually replace them when the time comes.

frayed garage door cable

Old Garage Door Cables

One reason for a broken cable is a frayed cable. When your wires are rubbing against something on the door, they can fray. Door jamming may be caused in the first stage when only the outside portion of a wire is frayed, but with time, a cable may deteriorate and cause snapping. A new garage door cable should be used instead of one that has been snapped.

rusted garage door cables

Rust On The Garage Door Metal Cables

Although metal is a widely used material to make cables, it does have some disadvantages. If your garage doesn't have good isolation or if the humidity levels in your garage are high, rust can form on your garage door cables. This can cause squeaking or even block your door from opening.

jammed garage door cables

Garage Door Snapped Cables

Garage door cables that are jammed or broken might do harm. Cables get blocked as a result of unclean conditions or lack of lubrication. It is crucial to schedule regular maintenance and inspections in order to prevent these issues.

The Garage Door Safety Cable

garage door safety cable

A safety cable is one garage door function that can help in avoiding accidents like fall-out and snapping scenarios. These cables extend from the garage door frame to the extension spring. Once the extension spring breaks, the safety cables will prevent it from snapping.

Keeping the safety cables from any function issue can save you from a possible accident. Also, power outages will no longer be an issue with the help of these cables. We can pull the emergency cable to separate it from the mainline. Then, we will be free to use the garage door with or without electricity.

1. Safety Inspection

At DoorFlex Garage Door Repair, your family’s safety is important to us. To ensure that everything is in good condition, our technicians will perform a complimentary safety inspection of your garage door and all its working parts. This way, you can rest assured knowing that we have taken the necessary precautions.

2. Using the Right cables

At DoorFlex Garage Door Repair, we only use the best garage door cables for every type of door. Our installation experts are highly skilled and have vast experience in this area. We will test the door’s balance after installation to confirm that the correct wires were used.

3. Replacing Both Cables

Our experts generally advise customers that, if one garage door cable breaks, the other is sure to follow suit shortly. If a broken or damaged cable is determined to be the reason your garage door isn’t functioning properly, we will suggest replacing both cables.

If you keep up with routine maintenance, you can typically extend your garage door cables’ lives. More often than not, a garage door cable snaps because it is either damaged or old.

To add years to your garage door’s lifespan, maintain its balance and lubrication. Remember that many components move when the garage door is in operation– each one needs to operate smoothly and be properly lubricated to prevent friction build-up.

A squeaky garage door is a clear sign that something’s not right with your machine. The actual cables don’t require lubrication, but other parts (such as the pulley, springs, and opener) might need it.

It could be that a stuck roller, non-lubricated springs, or the garage door opener are causing problems.

Torsion Cables

Torsion cables connect the torsion spring system to drums in order to keep tension steady. As the garage door opens, the garage door cable wraps around these drums as springs unwind. Without cables, this would be too heavy for a opener to move. Garage door torsion cables are different lengths based on door height in order maintain balance.

Extension Cables

Extension garage door cables are found in extension spring systems. These types of springs run from the front to the back over horizontal tracks. All garage doors use counterbalance systems, which function similarly to extension springs. This system is ideal for garages with less ceiling height because there are no drums; instead, cables run over a set of pulleys on each side. As is the case with torsion spring systems, it’s crucial to ensure that the proper length of cables is used in order to balance the door properly.

Safety Cable

Some garage doors come equipped with safety cables. These are typically used on garage doors with extension springs, but not necessarily on those with torsion springs. A safety cable is a strong wire that runs through the center of an extension spring; this way, if the spring were to break, it would stay attached to the safety cable instead of flying across your garage and releasing all tension at once.

If your garage door springs or cables are broken, you might be able to still operate your garage door manually– but it will be much harder. We don’t recommend attempting this if both the cable and spring have snapped because it could pose a danger to you.

Step no. 1: The first step is to check if the garage door cables and springs are working properly. If they’re not or if the spring is damaged, it’s best to hire a professional for repairs rather than trying to fix it yourself. Proceed with caution if the garage door was damaged in any other way as well.

Step no. 2: Emergency chords are generally red or have a red handle attached to a white line, and they dangle from the middle of the garage door’s mechanism. If you don’t see a red cord, but you do see a strand hanging from the mechanism, it’s probably an emergency chord. Before proceeding, make sure that you can comfortably reach the cord with a ladder.

Step no. 3: Pull on the cord until you feel it lock into position. With the release lever disengaged from the carriage, you should now be able to move and open the garage door without using an opener

Step no. 4: You can now open the garage door. To avoid possible injuries or damage to your car, make sure the door is all the way down when you close it.

The door’s cables need to be installed correctly and in line with safety regulations in order to ensure that everything is secure.

A do-it-yourself attitude might be appealing when you think about saving money, but tempting to repair your garage door cables yourself can result in unwanted accidents and additional damage including broken garage door springs. It is better to leave the repairs to the technicians at DoorFlex Garage Door Repair who are trained and experienced in handling any component of your garage door system.

Choose safety rather than worries and risk. We work only with certified, professional, and experienced garage door cable repair experts.

In the long run, hiring a professional to repair your broken garage door cables will save you money and time. Professional garage door repairs last longer and you won’t have to worry about anything being attached incorrectly. You will see how your garage door works smoothly in no time again!

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